can ovarian cysts cause abnormal pap smears

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Most women diagnosed with ovarian cancerdo not have abnormal paps, so that is not a red flag by itself. The fact that you are post-menopausal slightly increases your risk for malignancy versus if you were pre-menopausal. Cysts grow at different rates so it is impossible to tell how long it has been there.

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  • Can a Pap smear detect ovarian cysts?

  • It could be possible that a pap smear detect ovarian cysts? No: The pap smear tests for abnormal cells in the cervix. Sometimes we see cells that shed from the endometrium or fallopian tubes that exit through the …

  • Does an abnormal Pap smear mean cancer?

  • An abnormal Pap smear doesn鈥檛 always mean cervical cancer, though. In fact, most women who get abnormal Pap smear results don鈥檛 have cancer of the cervix. Other causes of an abnormal Pap smear include infection, inflammation, and HPV.

  • Can other infections show up on a Pap smear?

  • Although Pap smears are primarily done for HPV and cervical cancer screening, they can also detect other abnormalities in your reproductive system. In addition to HPV, other infections can cause inflammation and microscopic changes that can be detected during a Pap smear, causing an abnormal result.

  • What can affect my Pap smear results?

  • Using certain products the days before your test can make it more difficult to obtain Pap smear results, and they can even obscure the presence of abnormal cervical cells. Engaging in intercourse can also alter these results, since sperm cells could still be present in your sample. What is a Pap smear?

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