can i publish a review paper on my own

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  • Can I be a corresponding author for my research paper?

  • You can be a corresponding author (CA) for your paper, the need of CA is the he/she would be the one to whom all the quire related to your article will be communicated like Review status, correction status, to communicate when the article will publish etc.

  • Do I need a second author for my Paper?

  • Join ResearchGate to ask questions, get input, and advance your work. What really is the chance of accepting a paper with single author and if that author is just a post grad student? If you have worked on your own, there is no need of a second author.

  • How to select the article review journal for publishing the manuscript?

  • While selecting the article review journal for the publishing of the manuscript specially, the paper must be checked by the reviewer team. As the team must be constituted of experts, master or doctorates in the relevant domain f science and engineering with sufficient experience of the evaluation.

  • Can I be both corresponding authour and sole authour for same paper?

  • Hi, if you handled the paper alone there is no need for a different authour as corresponding authour. You can be the corresponding authour the same time. Sole authour is allowed provided it is only you that worked and prepared the paper.

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