can i publish a review paper on my own

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  • Can you publish a literature review paper in an academic journal?

  • If you ever tried it, you might know that publishing a literature review paper in an academic journal is a tricky task. The literature review publications come in so many forms, and there is no single cheat-sheet or established format like for empirical papers that you could follow to ensure success in publication.

  • Can I be a corresponding author for my research paper?

  • You can be a corresponding author (CA) for your paper, the need of CA is the he/she would be the one to whom all the quire related to your article will be communicated like Review status, correction status, to communicate when the article will publish etc.

  • Do I need a second author for my Paper?

  • Join ResearchGate to ask questions, get input, and advance your work. What really is the chance of accepting a paper with single author and if that author is just a post grad student? If you have worked on your own, there is no need of a second author.

  • Can I be both corresponding authour and sole authour for same paper?

  • Hi, if you handled the paper alone there is no need for a different authour as corresponding authour. You can be the corresponding authour the same time. Sole authour is allowed provided it is only you that worked and prepared the paper.

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