can a pap smear be abnormal due to pregnancy

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  • Can I get a Pap smear while pregnant?

  • If your doctor determines that your abnormal Pap smear result did stem from the presence of cancerous cells, you will need to wait until after your pregnancy to receive treatment. If you are early in your pregnancy, your doctor may recommend that you end the pregnancy to seek the treatment you require.

  • What does an abnormal Pap smear result tell your doctor?

  • All an abnormal Pap smear result tells your doctor is that further testing is necessary. If you receive an abnormal Pap smear result while pregnant, your doctor will likely perform a colposcopy, reports American Pregnancy. During this test, your doctor will view your cervix under magnification.

  • How long does it take to get Pap smear results from pregnancy?

  • More in Pregnancy Loss. Most doctors recommend getting a Pap smear (also known as a Pap test) in early pregnancy as a part of routine prenatal care. It usually takes just a few minutes. The test results are sent to a lab that checks for abnormal cervical cells, the presence of which could mean cervical cancer.

  • Can a Pap smear test detect cervical cancer?

  • Typically part of your well-woman exam, a Pap test helps screen for cervical cancer by detecting abnormal changes to the cells of the cervix. Fortunately, getting a Pap smear test regularly during pregnancy and in general helps your doctor find and treat any health concerns early.

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