are paper egg cartons compostable

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  • Are egg cartons recyclable?

  • Egg cartons are recyclable if they’re clear, made of paper, or made of cardboard. You have to avoid placing broken eggs back in the carton because they leave food residue. If the carton is not clean and dry, it’s no longer recyclable.

  • Can You compost egg cartons?

  • Use egg cartons in composting just as you would paper, and count them as part of your brown ratio because of the carbon they contain. One condition, however, is that you should make sure the egg cartons are dry and clean before you compost them.

  • What is the most environmentally friendly egg carton material?

  • The most environmentally friendly egg carton material is paper, which can be repeatedly recycled and composted. Plastic is the next best option, and styrofoam is the least eco-friendly because it’s scarcely recyclable.

  • Are your cartons compostable?

  • We applaud you for composting at home, which we agree is a great way to reuse waste products into something new and useful. While our cartons are not compostable, they are recyclable as a #1 recycled plastic product and we also encourage our customers to reuse them for other household purposes – they make great seed starting trays!

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